Thursday, July 26, 2012

Entrance to Castlevania

One of the most obvious parts of the Forest of Silence I neglected so far was the actual entrance to Dracula's Castle.

Yeah, that really doesn't look good

I sloppily copied a brick texture over the old one and called it a day. I was perfectly aware that it didn't look good at all. I just hadn't gotten around to improve/fix it yet.

Castlevania Judgment (Wii)

Once again inspiration came in the form of Castlevania Judgment. Here's Carmilla in the Castle Gate stage. I realized very early on I couldn't duplicate this look of the castle with any degree of accuracy because the castle model and the setup of the textures simply do not allow for it. It did provide the overall starting point I wanted to base the new design on though.

I feel that originally the look of the two towers didn't mesh well with the main gate. It seems like the towers and the middle section had been built by two different builders. My intention was to put some consistency in the design.

The transition from tower to main gate still could have been done better, but this is easier said than done considering the entire tower consists of a single tiled texture. There is more variety on the main gate but it still has similar problems with the actual texture placement.

As seen from the Boss Battle area.


  1. Hi long story short I loved the castlevanias for n64. I'm a pretty decent video editor and would like to help you make more promos for this. I can also do tons in photoshop ect. I dont mind helping you with getitng this mod donations. In matter of fact I plan on putting like 35 into it so far. Please add me skype cj1pate101 or xfire gosmokeashotgun. Thx look forward to talking to you one day.

  2. I hope you guys did manage to work together. Have huge love and respect for this game.