Saturday, June 4, 2011

More screens

A couple more I already posted in my thread on emutalk. Hopefully I'll get the early beta pack up soon.

I might still replace the statue with one more similar to the original Sphinx one.

The starry sky might be a bit overkill if you look at the mechanism projecting them, but I wanted to make it look as beautiful as possible. Also, I imagine Dracula's scientific knowledge exceeds that of the time (skeletons on motorcycles, anyone?).
I specifically labeled the Hazardous Material Disposal as such because so many people don't seem to understand what it does. I think we can partially blame the Angry Video Game Nerd for that.
I'm taking a huge creative license on the Underground Waterway Level. I think the original one is just putrid. I'm basing the new one on the looks and feel of the Crystal Cavern stage from Castlevania Judgment.
Tiled the floor in a checkerboard texture to give it more of an unreal Alice in Wonderland sort of feel, seeing as this is the official entrance to Dracula's castle.

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