Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Release

Hey, guess what?

Although it's still FAR from done, here's a very early version since it's taking so long.

Castlevania 64 Hi-Res

A bunch of textures have been shrunk to 3x instead of 4x to keep the filesize down. It's just an early version after all.

Constructive criticism appreciated!


How to install

When using Project64, your folder should look something like this:
\Project64 1.6\Plugin\hires_texture\CASTLEVANIA

I can't help much with the optimal settings for the emulator since I haven't figured out those yet myself.

I will not supply the ROM of the game (for reasons of copyright) and I highly suggest owning a physical copy of the game before downloading it.

For more info (and plugins) please visit Emutalk


1 comment:

  1. Hi i believe I might be your biggest fan. Please contact me through email @ . I think I could help you finish this texture pack and get more people that would help and donate. This was one of my favorite n64 games growing up fuck what angry video game nerd thinks. I had so much fun playing this game back then. Its a bit broken but with emulation modding there is no telling what you can do =). Thx for your time.