Saturday, July 23, 2011

Werewolf progress

The werewolf has been finished for a while now. But I wanted to comment on a couple of things I had to deal with in the making of the wolf.

Location: Forest of Silence

The main problem I had with the original werewolf was basically that, while he was pretty scary, he felt more like a ghost than a werewolf to me since the thing jumps around so much it's pretty hard to make out what it is you're fighting. I decided early on that I wanted to change his color palette to brown to make him stand out more.

I remembered seeing stills of the movie Dog Soldiers (which I haven't seen btw, just screens) and I liked the idea of basically having a big muscled guy with a wolf head as a werewolf to give him more of a physical presence. I also thought this would highlight that essentially you are fighting a monster that at some point was human. So that was my early approach to retexturing.

However a couple people at Emutalk advised me to keep him as hairy as possible since otherwise it wouldn't be a werewolf.

I did cheat a bit with actually making him "hairy" though since the only thing I did was change the color of his body to brown.


  1. Please don't give up you've made a stunning work !
    I'm truly impressed.

  2. im really impressed on ur work but there seems to be no way to download the texture pack

    1. I'm currently a bit too busy to compile it but I'm planning to have a new version up in a couple of weeks.