Monday, January 2, 2012

Of New Year's and Skeletons

Despite me not having been here a whole lot during the last few months, it seems this blog has picked up a bit in popularity. So let me first say thank you for the support, and I am indeed still working on the project. It's just going slow because I'm also very busy in real life.

So let me start of 2012 with a few problems!

Because they move around so much, my work on skeletons is minimal. Since it is its most prominent feature, I only replaced the skull. The bones, I feel, are barely worth tinkering with since it would require a lot of work replacing them with proper high resolution bones which you won't even notice in-game.

Now there is one type of skeleton which seems to be a continuous source of problems: the exploding blue ones. Just having (an unaltered) one of those crawl from the ground causes framerate lag. A newly textured one actually crashes the game (especially when they explode), which is sad because I had actually made some adjustments to the original look.

I tried to make it look like their heads actually had bombs implanted in them. However, due to the problems this guy seems to cause I have opted to remove these textures for the time being.

Carrie Fernandez
I wasn't too happy with the way I made Carrie's eyes look (you can check out my previous attempt a few posts before this one). While I like this one a lot better, I might have overdone the eye shadow.

General problems
I have absolutely no idea about the settings of Rice's graphics plugin, furthermore I suspect my aging computer might be the cause of at least some problems, so these are probably my fault. However, I appreciate any help.

- Distance fog begins farther than it should (and therefore it doesn't hide distant terrain popping up)
- Aforementioned lag in certain places
- Some notes strangely don't seem to play during the intro screen

I'm currently using 'Mudlord's Rice Video Build CRC-Fix Update 10', which was advised to me on

In conclusion
That's all from me for now. Have a happy 2012!

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