Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vampire Ladies

I have already shown the female vampire from the crypt both in screenshots and in the boss battle video, but I never really talked about her design despite the fact that I spend a lot of time on her. So get ready for some lady bats!

Villa Crypt

The most obvious change I made to her face are her eyes. In her original N64 appearance the white eyes with no irides are pretty effective, but I feel there's no way I can do justice to that look if I keep them white in high resolution. I went with bloodshot eyes instead.

Other than that I simply added color to her face with some blue and purple highlights.

It is a large part of the storyline early on that villagers (especially children) have been kidnapped and/or killed. Therefore I thought it made more sense to have her look like an actual villager instead of a random maiden in a gown. I actually used the peasant girls from The Witcher as inspiration for her new outfit.

Castle Center

This one is semi-new though (as in, not yet in the currently available pack)

In the Castle Center the female crypt vampire returns as a regular enemy (although it seems to be random which vampires spawn). She is basically a palette swap of her previous iteration, so in exactly the same fashion I simply changed the hue of her crypt appearance.

I thought her original appearance looked way too bland. Compared to the other possible vampires that spawn there, she looks gray. I thought a dark red dress would look way better on her.

Also, she's a complete pain to screencap properly.

Face up he... wait what?

This one is the best I could manage.


  1. Hey man, I JUST stumbled across this today, and HAD to let you know to keep up the great work. You are taking one of the most underrated castlevania games and giving it the proper facelift it deserves. THANK YOU for your passion and time!!!!! They both show through in your work.

    1. Thanks. It's good to see I'm not the only one who thinks this game is severely underrated these days.