Wednesday, January 18, 2012

HDD failure

I suffered a click of death a few days ago, which as I understand it is a pretty sure sign my Hard Disc is gone. I lost a few files related to the project (mainly some older screenshots, savegames and MapZone texture files) but luckily the important stuff is backed up. The biggest problem this causes however (aside from all the stuff I lost not related to the project) is that it effectively cut my disc space in half. Folks, always back up your stuff.

On a lighter note, here's a screen of Rosa.


  1. Could you explain me how you find the correct name for the texture? for example ''CASTLEVANIA#9D525216#2#0#A2910016_ciByRGBA'' it would modify carrie's costume.

    1. Rice's plugin has the option to dump textures in the folder 'plugin/texture_dump/CASTLEVANIA' while you play through the game.

      In that folder you just have to find the correct one and copy the name onto your own texture.

  2. Looks great. Make sure you try puting the HDD in a USB cabinette, all may not be lost. Copy it folder by folder and not just the whole thing, some of the data may still be reachable.

    Keep up the good work!